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CSG Direct MailCSG Direct Mail continues to evolve direct mail into the service it was always meant to be.  At CSG, Direct Mail is responsive, accountable, trackable and now it is also completely mobile. CSG Direct Mail is now available in the iTunes App Store.iTunes App      Store

We put all our CSG Direct Mail Tracking tools on the iPhone. CSG Direct Mail for iPhone was released into the iTunes App Store May 7th 2010. You can now track every aspect of your direct mail projects with DIRECT MAIL by CSG Direct, Inc.

Track Your Projects:Live Project   Tracking
The #1 question in the direct mail industry is “Did my mailing going out”, so in 1999 CSG Direct built the very 1st direct mail project portal. Our portal has been modernized many times and new services continue to be added. Now available on your iPhone and iPad.

In our direct mail portal you have always had LIVE tracking of every project from start to finish. Then as each project is delivered to the post office you get an automated notice to let you know. You always know when it is expected to mail and what steps are left, Folding, Inserting, Addressing and more.  Every Step is tracked.  You get Live Access to all this information.

Track Your Individual Direct Mail Pieces:
That’s right!  Direct Mail has Evolved at CSG Direct, Inc.
After we complete your direct mailing and take your mailing to the US Postal Service, you can track the movement of your mail pieces en route to their individual destinations.

In 2008 and 2009 we invented a whole series of tools, widgets, maps and reports around the new Track Your   Direct Mail PiecesIMB barcodes and the USPS Confirm services in order to let our customers track individual mail pieces. This innovation was long overdue.

This was our DIRECT MAIL DREAM and we made it a reality!

These newest innovations are built on our proprietary Direct Mail Tracking Systems. Now available for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Now you can easily tell when pieces are arriving in-homes and have all your direct mail project information with you when you need it most.

Check on your projects in your marketing meetings when you are called on. No need to look things up after the meeting and look unprepared while in the meetings. Show people you run the direct mail and you have your fingers on the pulse at all times with CSG Direct Mail for your Smartphone.

With our US Mail Tracking innovations we have millions of records and we have lots of unique ways we plan to give you this data. I have goosebumps on what is still coming.  Get CSG Direct Mail for your iPhone so you don’t miss out on our next planned updates too.

We continue to redefine the Direct Mailing industry!
We are The Greatest Value in Direct Mail

(More Smartphones coming soon)

Top 20 U.S. Direct Mail Marketers

Direct Mail BoxEven though the United States Postal Service is reporting a significant decline in the volume of mail we all know from the contents in our mailboxes that we still seem to get plenty. It’s clear that direct mail marketing budgets have been slashed in many cases, but of course as some companies pull back from sending mail others see that as an opportunity to send more. We decided to research which profit and non-profit organizations are currently sending the most mail.

Top 10 For-Profit Mailers

56% of all the top 50 mailers in the U.S. are for-profit organizations. Several of these are large publishing companies that are sending publications, renewal notices, and other offers to the public.

  • -Publishers Clearing House – This household name in the sweepstakes industry makes over $620 million dollars a year through publishing and distributing millions of magazines and other publications. They are the overall largets user of direct mail in the U.S.
  • -The Economist Group – With revenues north of $516 million this is another publishing giant. They publish under the brands of The Economist newspaper, The Economist online, Edonomist Intelligence Unit, and a few more.
  • -Conde Naste – You may not be familiar with this massive publisher with revenues of $454 million per year. They own some of the most subscribed to magazines in the World (GQ, Vogue, The New Yorker, etc.).
  • -Direct Brands – Like Conde Naste, you may say Direct Brands, Inc. who? Well they have revenues of $402 million per year with services you will recognize (Columbia House, Book-of-the-Month Club, etc.).
  • -Consumers Union – This company has revenues in excess of $249 million per year on sending direct mail, you may be more familiar with Consumer Reports.
  • -Omaha Steaks – With revenues of $200 million per year this company has made a bundle off of selling mail order mouth watering meats. Now that’s mail with some sizzle to it!
  • -Rodale – Has revenues of approximately $136 million per year and publishes magazines like Men’s Health, Runner’s World, and Prevention.
  • -Hachette Filipacchi Media – Another massive magazine publisher with revenues reported at $123 million from magazines like ELLE, Woman’s Day, Car and Driver, Road & Track, and more).
  • -International Masters Publishers – This publisher is well known for Recipes & Cooking, Wildlife & Nature, Home & Leisure, and similar categories of publications. They have annual revenues of $230 million.
  • -Boardroom – This is another publisher for a list that is most well-known for their Bottom Line newsletters in the subject areas of Personal, Health, Retirement, Natural Healing, and Wealth. Their revenues could not be reliably collected.

Top 10 Non-Profit Mailers

44% of all the top 50 mailers in the U.S. are non-profit ogranizations that are either soliciting for donations or attempting to collect on pledges via mailers.

  • -Smithsonian Institute – They generate donations/revenue of $532 million per year.
  • -U.S. Fund for UNICEF – They generate donations/revenue of $454 million per year.
  • -Habitat for Humanity – They generate donations/revenue of $356 million per year.
  • -The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – They generate donations/revenue of $269 million per year.
  • -March of Dimes – They generate donations/revenue of $248 million per year.
  • -World Wildlife fund – They generate donations/revenue of $180 million per year.
  • -Paralyzed Veterens of America – They generate donations/revenue of $109 million per year.
  • -Humane Society of the U.S. – They generate donations/revenue of $102 million per year.
  • -Alzheimers Association – They generate donations/revenue of $95 million per year.
  • -National Wildlife Federation – They generate donations/revenue of $83 million per year.

It’s always interesting to see who is using the mail more frequently as a means of communicating with the American public. The biggest surprise is that in this list of the 20 top mailers, that are no banks or credit card companies. Judging by the mail I get every day, that’s a surprise.

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